Leadership Team


Keith Baughman

Chief Executive Officer

Tom Porter

Secretary / Treasurer

Babs Bond


Protecting our heritage and reputation is vital.

Four decades ago, an entrepreneurial mindset inspired MDR’s formation to meet the need of construction, repair, and upgrade of utility infrastructure across the U.S.  We create and foster longstanding relationships by providing exceptional, timely, and skilled service to our partners.

As such, our company enjoys a distinguished reputation in the industry and is licensed to offer service in many states. We comply with regulations set forth by the Department of Labor, Department of Transportation, OSHA, and the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.

Aerial view of bucket trucks working


Providing superior service is our mission.

Not only is it our mission, it is what we do well, and we do it with competency and professionalism.

We fulfill our mission with highly trained and dedicated staff.  We provide our employee owners a safe and viable employment.  The 100% employee owned structure of MDR organically enhances the quality of every deliverable.  Our performance directly affects the value of each employee’s allocation.


We are more than a utility construction company.  We are a family with a passion for our partners.

Our vision is partnering with organizations to facilitate energy infrastructure sustainability.  We provide services that enhance the sustainability of utility consumption in the communities we serve.

Almost 40 years ago, we began a bold venture to create one of the premier utility construction companies in the U.S.  Let’s create a partnership to promote sustainability.

MDR Logo on truck door